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So after my computer started crashing regularly a few months ago, I got a hand-me-down laptop that's passed through both my dad's and sister's hands. But then THAT started crashing even more regularly about 2 weeks ago.

So my dad went ahead and got me my graduation present early; I'm writing this on a Surface Pro 4!!

Super excited to check out what arting is like on this machine, I'm already digging the pen. 



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Shiny Mienshao

god I love Mienshao, it's got such a fun design to draw in motion. Really glad I got this pokemon.
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Noct3 R2
:iconnuzlocke-challenge: :iconnuzlocke-challenge: :iconnuzlocke-challenge:

Jill had just finished dropping a package off at the university when she ran into the mob. They had clustered around the school, people from Altumello and nearby settlements waving signs and shouting for the mega stones to be released to the public. University staff, students, and random citizens had come to meet them, blocking them from approaching the school grounds... and things were getting violent.
She didn't hesitate to jump into the fray, sending the two pokemon she had on her out to help drive back the angry protesters and their pokemon before things turned into a full-blown riot. She was in the middle of handling a particularly rowdy man when she felt a young woman grab onto her, screaming to let him down, that they had every right to be there.
Fine by Jill - she could handle two on one, no sweat.

Jimmy and Jamie were having the time of their lives, harrassing the few pokemon scattered among the crowd, herding them away from the action with annoying little shocks before disappearing back into the crowd.
Their antics were interrupted, however, when a Honchkrow swept down towards them, narrowly missing Jimmy with a fierce Night Slash, pointedly ignoring a Miltank who was stuck in the crowd and mooing for him to stop. The Plusle and Minun looked at each other, grins widening. With a boost from Helping Hand, Jimmy launched Jamie into the air to meet Lorenzo's next attack head-on with a Discharge. Which was probably going to hit most of the crowd too.
Ah well, Jill had asked them to subdue the rioters, after all. Might as well take out all the humans and pokemon at once, right?

Sasha, Lorenzo, and Lyra belong to :iconeatpraylove:
Jill, Jimmy, and Jamie are mine
Pokemon belongs to nintendo
I hate myself for making this a bird's-eye POV and I never want to draw crowds again

    Jill dusted off her hands and planted them on her hips with a satisfied sigh. "Jimmy, Jamie, you see that? That's just beautiful. That there's what I call a job well done. Full electrical wiring and plumbing in every home in this lovely town!" The young village of Montarbor had, until just recently, only had power in a select few homes, the rest having to rely on pokemon or neighbors for the comforts of civilized, modern life. It always filled the engineer with the purest kind of pride to see a town lit up like a swarm of Volbeat and Illumise the night after a job. "This is what we do it for. Keeping the good people of PAHHNEP living comfortably and happily!"
    Jimmy yawned and rested his head on his trainer's hard hat, exhausted from a day of work. Jill chuckled and scooped up Jamie, who didn't look like she was going to be awake much longer either. "Alright, alright, I get it, I'll let y'all rest. We'll get some sleep at the inn and catch a ride back with everyone else tomorrow." She tucked Jamie under her arm and headed back downhill towards the inn her company had rented out for the job. "Though... I gotta wonder about something...
    "What do you guys think that package the miners asked us to deliver to the university is?"

    Montarbor is a relatively recent settlement on PAHHNEP, a mining and lumber community that originally started as a suburb of Glenarbor. Situated up in the foothills, almost in the Coronet mountains themselves, Montarbor's buildings are built on slanted platforms or stilts, both keeping them level on the harshly slanted ground, and protecting the buildings near the river from floods. Some of the town's energy comes from said river, but it mostly uses solar panels and windmills for power, taking full advantage of how its higher elevation allows for more intense solar power and harsher winds.

    Montarbor mainly exports lumber and some quarried stone for construction, but it also has a thriving farming community. Among the vegetables and meats produced for export are the town's specialty cheese, a mild, soft Gogoat cheese similar to Brie. In fact, the topography of the area is ideal for raising Gogoat, who are much more suited to the hilly land than Miltank are, and much of the forest that once surrounded the town have been cleared for the purposes of gathering lumber, building homes, and providing grazing areas for Gogoat herds.

A million thanks to :iconobtuselyrelated: again for helping me shade good cuz I don't know how to do landscapes~

aww yeah, trying out the new art style on some pokemon now~ so here's my contribution to the ground-type collab, numel!


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Ah, yes, Autumn refs, let me just...
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oh right, I forgot that I draw her all the time but never digitally and I never upload it???
I have like one good pic in stash from a year and a half ago or something: Guess Who's Back
everything more recent is in my physical sketchbook lol
Kydoon Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey so I got this play of the game tonight you may appreciate. 
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Oh my god that's fantastic
Gg Roadhog
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Hey, Red! Just wanted to drop by and thank you very much for the watch! It really means a lot to me.
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